A new investment opportunity

The dynamic pace of Moka’s development will help grow your business. The Smart City’s strategic location can prove a valuable asset through providing your team with accessibility and the right environment. It also promises a rewarding investmentin the heart of a rapidly growing region with a wide range of facilities.

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Generous green space

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Architectural guidelines

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Strategic location

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Support available if required during construction

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Businesses of all sizes

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Ample parking space

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Security for total peace of mind

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On-site restaurants

Become a landowner and set up your offices

Grow your business within an already well-established setting offering a convenient and inspiring work environment with a special, unique atmosphere in an area steeped in history. This strategic, accessible location in an ideal environment in the heart of Moka Smart City will be a daily advantage for your employees. It will also provide a rewarding investment in the heart of a growing area that already offers a wide range of facilities.

All available plots within the business park have already been sold. Please leave us your contact details and we will get back to you as soon as new plots become available.


Professionals’ insights

BDO Solutions Ltd
Level 3, The Pod, Vivéa Business Park, Moka
Tel: +230 460 9999

“We are having an excellent experience at The Pod. Our employees have a quality work environment in a convenient location as well as outstanding service from the property management staff. Such services allow us to maintain a pleasant working relationship. We look forward to the future ahead of us at The Pod for years to come.”

Spoon Consulting
The Factory, Vivéa Business Park, Moka
Tel: +230 433 3477

“It’s been more than 4 years since we have moved to The Factory at Vivéa Business Park. We are delighted to have made the right choice for us, and the well-being of our team. The verdant setting exudes a motivating and dynamic atmosphere that inspires us to come to work every morning. The sugarcane growing in the surrounding fields brings a touch of history that reminds us how proud we are to be Mauritian. Having an assigned parking spot is a distinguishing feature for this ideal workplace.”

The Cloud Factory
The Factory, Vivéa Business Park, Moka
Tel: +230 433 7629

“The Cloud Factory provides expert advice on the implementation of new technologies for medium and large-scale enterprises. Vivéa Business Park offers the ideal environment for our company. ENL’s Moka Smart City team is doing a great job to keep the park in good condition, and our clients are happy to visit a beautifully landscaped business park with such a range of amenities, parking space and an accessible location. These factors have strengthened our desire to move to Vivéa Business Park – a decision we certainly don't regret.”
– Vivek Mathur, Managing Partner

The Pod, Vivéa Business Park, Moka
Tel: +230 434 1419

“Working at Vivéa Business Park is a plus for the whole team. The setting is truly invigorating. Moka enjoys a central location, which makes it easy and convenient for our clients to come and see us, or for us personally to travel to other parts of the island (away from the hassle of traffic jams). It is also nice to have a reserved parking space and a childcare facility close to our office. Everything has been designed to make life easier for those who work here.”
– Stéphanie and David Zachara

The Factory, Vivéa Business Park, Moka
Tel: +230 405 7900

“Building our offices in Moka also means positioning our company for the long term in a lively, evolving environment with a planned and ambitious future development in the centre of our island. There are various reasons why we have decided to carry out this construction project in the heart of Vivéa Business Park. We make it a priority to provide our employees with a comfortable workplace in a pleasant, preserved and accessible natural environment. We also wanted to take advantage of the various efficient facilities available in the surroundings as well as offer reasonably priced high-quality services to our future tenants.”

- Sylvain Deslandes, CEO of AGILEUM

Companies that have set up operations at Vivéa

Businesses of various sizes and sectors have chosen to relocate to Vivéa after being won over by the state-of-the-art working environment as well as the preserved natural and historical site of this central, leading-edge business park.

A set of facilities

Thanks to the many facilities offered in and around the business park, Vivéa offers an integrated living environment where living, working and having fun are possible with ease.

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Vivéa goes green!

There are a number of sustainable initiatives at Vivéa Business Park. In addition to La Piazza’s new translucent solar panel roof designed to provide the offices with green energy, the park is adopting environmentally friendly transport modes to encourage soft mobility. All people working on premises are also called upon to adopt waste sorting and use the new voluntary drop-off points. All ideas are welcome to promote environmentally positive behaviour and Vivéa Business Park is determined to continue on this path!

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